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Gabor Balogh Photography

Categoría : Photographer

  • Dirección : Av. Happag Lloyd, 3, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34620846006
  • Página web :
  • Gabor Balogh Photography de guardia : no rellenado
  • Gabor Balogh Photography abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para Gabor Balogh Photography :

- Wether it’s action or romance, Gabor is the man  ! We recently came to Fuerte windsurfing for our honeymoon, and wanted some action shots on the water but also some romantic wedding style shots to commemorate the occasion. He knew exactly where and when we should go, and made us feel at ease  ! (We are not natural models  !) he certainly knows how to get the best shots. And he was very cool when suggesting I windsurf in a wedding dress  ! Great guy and so helpful, can’t wait for the next project  !

- We are so happy with the photos Gabor took  ! Very good photographer, very correct and friendly. The communication before and after the shoot was very pleasant. Gabor planned the appointment based on the weather forecast so that it wouldn't be too windy. He also planned the shoot in the evening, before sunset without charging extra costs (as some other photographers do). We really appreciated that and the result was great. Gabor took the time, he took several shots in different locations and made us feel very comfortable during shooting. We think the photos couldn't have come out any better. Thanks again Gabor  !

- Gábor is a great photographer. We celebrated our wedding anniversary, and we ordered some professional photos from him. We had some specific ideas but generally we let him to organize the whole evening as he wanted to. He guided us to four different places which are not necessarily known by the public therefore we could make fantastic and unic pictures. He is very polite, patient and open for new challenges. He arrived just when he promised so we had very intensive full two ours. The most difficult part was to wait until he is selecting and finalizing the photos, but finally all pictures arrived as he promised. Undoubtedly, he can get our maximum satisfaction. Thanks Gábor hope see you soon.

- Best photographer on the island  ! Knowing riders and sports. Always catching THE RIGHT moment during moves  ! Super friendly, funny, very professional. And will give you advice where to go and when if you are now here 🙂 My IG account is saying that it was definitely worth to catch a contact with him and for sure I'm gonna call him when I will be back  !

- Gabor is a real passionate photographer, he is always ready to catch your best moments and doing great editing if it is neccessary. Highly recommend him  !

- Gabor is a Great guy with professional attitude  ! If you are on the island and want some awesome pictures, just look for him  !

- Gabor is a top photographer. He knows locations where you have a nice spot with the perfect lights. He is very talented and took very beautiful photos. He is friendly and communicative, punctual and reliable. The result are pictures with the highest quality. Anytime again.

- Gabor is a good and professional photographer, you can see the passion he has for his job  ! I loved the pictures and how he makes them look spontaneous. Very happy and i would recommend ????

- Gabor is absolutely a talented photographer. He has a good eye for details, he selects photo location, background, lights etc. Thoroughly and provides high quality pictures. I highly recommend him  !

- Great professional photographer if you are looking after a water sports image specialist. He perfectly understands windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, etc dynamics and obtains the right shot of each sequence. Looking forward to work with him again  !

Roger Protzen

Categoría : Photographer

  • Dirección : Residencia Amanay, C. Terife, 1, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34699167318
  • Página web :
  • Roger Protzen de guardia : no rellenado
  • Roger Protzen abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

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JIRIFOTO - Fotógrafo de bodas en Valencia

Categoría : Photography studio

  • Dirección : Urb.Jardin del Sol, Nr.16, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34662088642
  • Página web :
  • JIRIFOTO - Fotógrafo de bodas en Valencia de guardia : no rellenado
  • JIRIFOTO - Fotógrafo de bodas en Valencia abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

Lista de comentarios para JIRIFOTO - Fotógrafo de bodas en Valencia :

- ¡Gran servicio, grandes fotos, todo genial  ! Quedamos muy satisfechos.

- Excente profesional. Buena relación calidad-precio Recomendado al 100%.

- Excelente fotos y servicio. Nos quedamos encantados.


Categoría : Photographer

  • Dirección : C. Caleta Mansa, 13, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34649443500
  • Página web :
  • ARTINGPHOTO de guardia : no rellenado
  • ARTINGPHOTO abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

No hay comentarios para ARTINGPHOTO

Fuerteventura photographer Alex Lapatik

Categoría : Photographer

  • Dirección : C. Valle de los Mosquitos, 35627 Costa Calma, Las Palmas
  • Teléfono : +34656860701
  • Página web :
  • Fuerteventura photographer Alex Lapatik de guardia : no rellenado
  • Fuerteventura photographer Alex Lapatik abierto el domingoe : no rellenado

No hay comentarios para Fuerteventura photographer Alex Lapatik

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